Laxerfeld on Thailand’s Alternate Uniforms


Yes, I am back. With something fun to share with the rest of the class…

Finally, after months staring at the mock up of Thailand’s third and the most controversial uniform: it’s here. Special thanks to the gentlemen at Pro Athletics, the official photos of these were allowed to be released after the uniforms are en route to Thailand. There was some love/hate feed back going on for this Oregon Ducks Football inspired Carbon Grey uniform…

Pro Athletics took charged of designing this one of a kind uniform for Thailand, while setting a few bench marks along the way: the first international team to have Alternate Uniform, and the first international team to use Carbon fiber pattern on their uniform. I was concerned at first that TLA and PA may have took a step too far with trying to be original, and that it might be distracting.

But after seeing the photos….Oh mon dieu did they not disappoint.

Whoa.. is that a Grey shorts faded up to silver? that’s correct sir

It’s clean and simple, with a flash of Carbon fiber in the right places.

These uniform will go great with STX’s Alternate Assault gloves for Thailand… have a look:

How about for the Goalies? We have them too…


We are pretty sure the Grey Cascade (Don’t count out Head Wrapz doing all Carbon wrapz for them either) helmets are also en route, the only question is…

When do we get to see them? 

Excited to see all of them being put together? So do I. I think Thailand should just keep this as their “main” uniform instead of reserving them as the 3rd uniform that they only wear every once in a while… I really hope they’ll debut them at their first game against Singapore OR at the Friendly Cup rematch with Hong Kong later this year at the Yamaha Stadium.

Enjoy them for now, I’ll post the White Uniform later.