2012 Asia Lacrosse Appointment News

Malaysia Lacrosse President: Kitti Traigisyavej

China’s recent acceptant into the FIL as Associate member, is one of many movements in Asian lacrosse community for 2012. In the South east region, Malaysia emerge as the new development program. Joining Singapore, and Philippines under stewardship of Payu Nerngchamnong (TLA President/ Founder). Recently, Malaysia lacrosse appointed Kitti Traigisyavej to serves as the Interim President of Malaysia Lacrosse Association (MLA). Meanwhile, Payu will serves as the Executive Director, and Senior Advisor to MLA (the same position Payu currently serves at Philippines Lacrosse). Kitti will work closely with Payu to get Malaysia up to speed along side other Asian nations, to be confirm by the FIL, and get the national team ready in time for the World Game in Denver in 2014.

Malaysia Lacrosse President: Kitti Traigisyavej

Traigisyavej previously served as Economic/Banking consultant to several Financial Institutions in Thailand, on top of other corporate consulting work he’s currently advising. Before accepting this new appointment, Traigisyavej serves on the TLA committee advising Payu on the financial/partnership side of the Organization. Traigisyavej is also an avid lacrosse player, and a member of the Thailand Lacrosse family.

Payu hope that Traigisyavej will help bring a new perspective to structure a new program like the Malaysian lacrosse, with financial discipline it required to grow at rapid pace. As Payu has many goals and expectations for Malaysia, just as he does for Singapore or Philippine to follow Thailand’s foot steps. Which Payu believes Traigisyavej is the right man for the job, to help assist him in getting Malaysia to become the newest member to the FIL in a near future.

Discussing plans for the future of lacrosse in Asia


Singapore Lacrosse Dylan Carter is now appointed as the Managing Director of SLA, Carter took over from Ben Morrell to manage day to day operation in Singapore. Carter played for Singapore in the first ever game against Team Thailand. (Twitter: @Singapore_lax)

















Philippines Lacrosse – Ron Garcia is now appointed as the Managing Director of PLA, Gracia is helping PLA President Josh Acut, and Payu forming the U.S. based Filipino roster to compete in their first ever international competition this year. (Twitter: @PhilippinesLax)