2013 Thailand White Vapor Helmet by HeadWrapz


HeadWrapz is raising the stakes again for Thailand Lacrosse with the use of carbon pattern material for the team’s 5th helmet wraps. The carbon pattern for the Thai helmet originally appeared as the graphic on the Thailand Volt helmet, and the Thailand all-white helmet was tested by the team last October. Now it looked as though HeadWrapz had perfected the new helmet wraps for Thailand Lacrosse’s 2013 season. The following are the first preview photos from HeadWrapz of the first prototype debuting at the US Lacrosse Convention.. With the minor adjustment of the color of the chin piece, and the chrome face mask.

Imagine a Chrome face mask..
Carbon pattern in a clearer view


    • Perhaps your should check your sources before you passed judgement, Payu spends a lot of HIS OWN money on these extras for the team. I’m sure many would agree, he can do whatever he wants with his money. It is separately from the TLA’s main funds that the association raised, which that goes toward lacrosse development in Thailand. 

      All of our visiting team are benefited from TLA’s paying ALOT on behalf of Team Thailand sponsoring hotel rooms, referee cost, etc. and all other expenses for them to come play in Thailand. So it will encourage the competition in Thailand AND our remote corner of the planet.. Is that not important? Us at TLA pride our selves one of the most active team besides the teams in the blue division during the “non championship years” than other nations in the FIL.

      Perhaps you are mistaken us for our “counter parts” that raised the fund under the “false pretense” then misused the funds for everything BUT lacrosse development.. like new gears.

  1. i actually think that Team Thailand should spend whatever money they want on cool gear like this head wrap. Every post about the team’s gear that i have seen has been awesome which creates more attention and brings to every one’s attention that there is lacrosse besides the U.S. and Canada, thus Growing the Game! Many people think the sport is getting too material and flashy but isnt this the fastest game on two feet? Im pretty sure Casey Powell described lacrosse as “Lightening in a bottle.” sounds like flashy to me. Cant speak for anyone else but when i get new gear the first thing i wanna do it go play an use it as much as i can so everyone else can see it too. Keep it up Team Thailand. Always interested to see whats next

  2. Very cool.  Like a sports car.  Everyone has their taste and opinion when it comes to “flashy” gear.  Even Casey Powell said in the old Warrior VHS tape (yes I threw it back) if you look good, you play good.  I’m sure short shorts and a double chin pad bacharach were instagram worthy in the 70’s-80’s.