A Decision Time..


Something interesting happened this week.

Leading up to this week, there has been speculation about plans for Singapore lacrosse. Even on the FIL Official website, had Singapore listed as “Emerging nation” member long before Thailand was ever confirmed by the FIL. Yet the truth of a matter is, there isn’t any lacrosse in Singapore. Despite the rumors, and occasional questions about lacrosse in Singapore by their local expats. Asia is falling behind to Europe in lacrosse development, so it is critical for Asia to push aggressively toward adding more nations to the FIL. With a lot more expats who play lacrosse in Singapore than in Thailand, one would imagine it would be easier to start a program way before Thailand ever could. And not until recently, with the rise of Thailand lacrosse.. majority would say that founding a program in a new nation quickly was a logistical impossibility.¬†Somebody forgot to send Payu & Co. the memo.

Asia vs. Europe as listed by the FIL

Not only they managed to get Thailand lacrosse up and running in record time, they’re now the new bench mark of the development of lacrosse. Now the word on the street is that he’s involving… correction, he’s now running the development effort for Singapore Lacrosse. And that Payu and team are working closely with the APLU and the FIL to get the program up and running by the middle of this year. The Singapore lacrosse’s¬†Facebook Page has already surfaced on the internet, with the official website probably not so far behind. With a target to get Singapore confirmed by the FIL by the year end, quite ambitious but is it possible? They got confirmed by the FIL in 6 months for Thailand, he has 8 months before 2012….you do the math.

The question that we should be asking is not whether “Can he do it?” instead it should be “Should he do it?”

The fact that now we have the President of one international lacrosse program running another international lacrosse program which is entirely separate from one another. Is it ethical? or does that present us with a conflict of interest dilemma? The Japanese Lacrosse Association President who by the way had made some of the most impressive lacrosse developmental stride than any other nations in the FIL, the 19,000 lacrosse players in 20 years speak volume of his ability. He had been instrumental in helping with lacrosse in China (Shanghai Lacrosse Club), and the development of lacrosse in India. And now Thailand is taking over the leadership of Singapore lacrosse, running the show managerially and financially. With the approval of the FIL and the APLU, especially Payu has come out openly about how Yas (the President of JLA) and Tom Hayes are his mentors. Despite their plans, ambition, and passions for the development. There’s going to be the faceless internet blog surfer out there who’s gonna critical of, find something wrong about it, or why he shouldn’t be running this joint operations.


Unless someone has a better idea, or can do it better moved aside and enjoy the fruit of their labor. Just come join the show when these new nations are fully operational and needed additional equipments. That’s when all the lacrosse retail whores going to swoop in and show their assistance for the common GOOD of the game. Does that sound familiar? take a look quick look back at history of lacrosse in Europe. It’s easy to take credit for development or join, when someone else already did the difficult part. Just like it’s easy to held a clinic and charging people ridiculous amount of money, to bring in Pros to conduct a clinic. In the country that without the pioneers coming in to get the initial interest in lacrosse start FOR FREE, There won’t be kids for them to overcharged to. Why conduct a clinic in England? people in England can held their own clinic, they have been doing so for decades… Try some other new country like Uganda or Israel, they are the newest additions to the FIL members, don’t worry about the Asia lacrosse they can pull themselves up with their own bootstraps. You don’t have to tell us why you won’t do it, just spares all of us the bullshit and moved aside, and let organizations like the FIL or “Lacrosse the Nation” do your heavy lifting for you.

Let the “should or shouldn’t” decisions to the people who want to make real differences.

The only thing they should be worrying about is that if Singapore come online by the end of the year, as the full on international program (not a half ass “national team only” program) they need to consider rephrasing what they’ve been doing from “developing lacrosse” to something else. I’m pretty sure Yas and Payu are cooking up some more plans to grow the sport as a WHOLE region, and not just in their respective country. It won’t be long before you see Malaysia joining the pack, it’s not wishful thinking anymore.. with these guys it’s a reality.