A Sneak Peek at the 2011 Uniforms

And... it's here

Welcome to the first Thailand lacrosse post of 2011, this officially kick start the new season for Thailand. Here’s the first look at what Pro Athletics cam up with for the men’s national team. The Pro X Uniforms worked very well with the crisps look Thailand trying to achieve on the field. With over 12 games to be played in 2011, Thailand needed a high quality, and durable uniform. Just like this one made by Pro Athletics, so here are the mock-up for the Home, Away and the Alternate jersey (more featured on 412).


Thailand following the last year theme of Navy as the primary color for the uniform, with the additional white panel insert, and the red piping to help complete the looks. This will be accompany by the new all-Navy Pro7 as the primary team helmet.


The Classic all-white, with Navy panels insert finishing off with the red pipping, and the optional Navy home shorts (or white). The secondary white Pro7 helmet (with Navy chin, and decals) will help balance the all-white looks.


Gunmetal Grey faded to Black, with Carbon fiber panels insert (very Oregon Ducks) The none text format in front, just clean, and simple but menacing.. especially with all Grey Pro7 helmet, and gloves.

Let us know what you think about it, your comments might make it into the final production. Stay tune for Team Thailand practice reversible, and warm-ups by Pro- Athletics.

For more details about Pro Athletics visit: The Official Website