Monday, February 27, 2017
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This Giant lizard from the far east is LAS International correspondence, he's not your average writing lizard. Covering all sort of topics regarding International lacrosse, news, gears, etc. Don't get in his way unless you want to be swallow whole, or torched by this lizard.

The Game Before The Game

With the World Game is around the Corner.. Who's Ready?

Thailand Lacrosse 2014 Schedule

TLA Released it's National Team Schedule for 2014

Iroquois excluded from the Blue division for Denver

FIL Board of Directors to exclude the Iroquois Nationals from the Blue Division at Denver in 2014.

Godzilla’s Moment of Zen

Welcome to another edition of Godzilla's Moment of Zen

Godzilla Quick Notes

Mr. G. dropping by to say hello, bitched out a country, and recap the weekend..

Quick note: Thailand Lacrosse gets a new facility

Thailand lacrosse got the new facility to add to their arsenal

Godzilla Sideline Sighting…

LAS's Godzilla found something interesting on Thailand's sideline

Godzilla Moment of Zen

Godzilla gave his input on the new TLA T-shirt saga....

ASPAC2011 Game Schedule

A Quick look at recently released game schedule for the ASPAC2011 this July in New Zealand, TLA got some work cut out for them..

A Decision Time..

Something interesting happened in the world of international lacrosse...