Monday, February 27, 2017
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Payu is the President and Founder of Thailand Lacrosse Association, a dedicated international game grower. Payu played the game for 13 years in the U.S., started a men's club team in NYC, before bringing the Creator's game to the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition to that, he founded lacrosse program in Singapore and Malaysia. He's now in his 4th year as the International editor of Lax All-Stars, some say he never sleeps (and we believe it, from his constant 24/7 posting).

Reflecting on the weekend..

Payu reflecting on the weekend in Singapore and lacrosse in the last 5 years

Sunday Quick Note

Payu's quick note on a Sunday..

“Bring on 2014”

Checking in on what Payu have planned for 2014 Season...

What’s next..?

A quick chat with Payu about the 2013 season.. and what's up next for Thailand.

Postcard from Singapore

Payu flew down to Singapore for the first ever lacrosse game(s) in Singapore

Payu’s Quick Update

A quick update by the TLA President himself

Lacrosse Magazines awarded “Person of the Year” to Tom Hayes

FIL Director of Lacrosse Development Tom Hayes was awarded "Person of the Year" for 2012 by Lacrosse Magazines

My take on the “Hashtag-gate”

Payu's official view on Warrior's "Hashtag-gate"

Payu’s Moment of Zen: The Next Steps

Payu reflects on the first lacrosse tournament in Thailand, TLA progress, and the next steps.

Payu’s Notes: “Make or Break: DU vs Duke”

Payu talks about the new documentary video about Denver Lacrosse by Elevation Video