Back in Hardware Mode


It’s time to get back to Hardware mode again.

Payu was a little distracted the last two months with his race team, and setting up new divisions of the Enigma Global (Enigma Apparel, Enigma Technologies). And left the back door of TLA open for people to sneak in and out of at their discretion, which causes some minor set back within the organization.

No more.

The man is back on point, and with everything is back online. It’s time to go full speed ahead, to finish off the 2011 season strong. Here are a few things cooking in TLA workshop the last few weeks..

– With it’s new partners, TLA will be doubling it’s budget for 2012 which means more “fly-away” games.

– Aggressive push for Enigma Apparel both in Thailand, and oversea, starting with outfitting TLA “in-house” team gears and it’s athletes.

New Activewear shooter by Enigma Apparel

– It’s time to “staged the deck” for 2012. TLA is picking up 2 more MLL players as TLA’s “Clinicians/Officers”.

– Work continue with rescheduling setting up games with Singapore (SLA) and Hong Kong (HKLA) in the fouth quarter of the year.

– After months of postponement, construction is back online and Thailand Lacrosse finally get it’s new office:

First looks at the new HQ

– TLA legal team IS filing a lawsuit toward Tribalhead for a Copyright infringement.

– Thailand and STX is working closely on the 2012 Cell line for TLA.

– Thailand Lacrosse ironing out the final details with the APLU for hosting the 2012 ASPAC.

– New staffs are being hired, and some players are being “let go” #itshousecleaningtime

– Payu started discussion with Easton Lacrosse about outfitting the team with Easton’s Raptor helmets.

How will it look on the Thai team in 2012?

Hang tight.. there are more coming, now that the system is back online it will stayed on FOR A WHILE.