Captain P. Quick notes


Hello there, Captain P. reporting live from Hua Hin, a beach town two hours south of Bangkok, after much hectic couple months with the flood situation in Bangkok. The situation got so bad that it almost derailed the friendly game against the HKLA, but with a quick few trouble shooting adjustments.. the game was a success.

That being said, after finishing our final game of the 2012 season which started back in May. We’ve been busy working hard to support the flood victims. Thailand Lacrosse have been working to help aid with the effort, and with Lax All-Stars, STX, South Swell, and Maverik at the most recent auction to help with the fundraising effort for the victims. Our TLA officers, Chazz and Sean have been working hard to help us raised the money as well.

Chazz donated his own TLA gears for the auction

Anyway, now let’s recap on what’s been happening…

The Potential games for the 2012 schedules are already in discussion as followed:

March – Bangkok Lacrosse Jamboree (Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore)

June – Grow the Game Invitational 2012 (2 mixed teams of Thai players and invited players)

August – Thailand Open Lacrosse Tournament  (Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Korea, Philippines, and American Revolution Team)

Team Dinner and the MVP award ceremony for our senior Attackman, Gunn Adireksarn 

LaxAllStars swag for our All Star!

TLA partner Enigma Apparel launched their first lacrosse product, with the LAS shooter and shorts. They’ll be doing the uniform for the teams in GTG Invitational, and the Thailand Open.

STX came up with some pretty cool gears for Thailand, Singapore, and Philippines, pictures soon.

TLA’s official movie “For King and Country” (release this December) is being edited but the second trailer is coming soon.

A lot of positive feed back for the flood supports, check out what @TizzleSTX sent for the auction:

Like them? bid for them...
Flying lanterns

A lot exciting stuff going on, but we keep on laxing. Practicing twice a week as usual, never stop. Now it’s time for Loy Krathong festival tonight, but much more updates later this weekend…


Captain P.