Captain’s log Vol. 1: Let the Training Begin


Editor’s note: Thailand Lacrosse’s Payu Nerngchamnong, among the “many hats” he wears within the TLA is as a captain of the men’s national team. With the first game against Connecticut Valley only several weeks away, he was asked to share with LAS readers his preparations to get himself, and the team, ready for the season. For the next few weeks he will post a sort of “photo diary” of these last 80 days, so sit back and enjoy.


Nothing motivate you like an angry tribal men.

We don’t have anything like that around here (just Golden triangle’s arms Cartels).

As we get closer to our first game in Connecticut, well for me and a few TLA players on the team “first and second game” since we’ll have our alumni game a day after. I’ve realized I left something off the pre-game check list.

Sponsor/ Equipments supplier for 2011 – (STX and Pro Athletics) Checked

Confirmation with the Opponent – (CT Valley) Checked

New Thai players recruitment – (4 New players) Checked

Travel arrangement for the U.S. – (Flights, all players got Visa ready) Checked

Hotel for the Team, and Transportation in Suffield – (Local Hotel) Checked

Cameraman and Other media coverage – (Ready, and On standby) Checked

Game site/ Event’s logistics – (Suffield Academy) Checked

Finding U.S. Referee who understood FIL international rules – (Found) Checked

Event Fund raising T-Shirts – (In Production) Checked

annnnd… a few more Checked, Checked, Checked”

What did I forget? Oh, that’s right.

Physical shape – Ummm.. Not quite there yet.

With a game (actually two) approaching in May, I am no where near the shape I needed to be ready for “a back to back” games in one weekend. Back to the drawing board I go, it’s time to get in shape.

Then Steve Hess as the way to motivate me, posted this on his Twitter

Hess Twitter
Hess tweeting...

Thanks Hess.

So we agreed on getting back on to the “training mode” not so much of the “Boot camp” Coach Hess wanted me to do. After all, I still have to work the rest of the day, instead of passing out.  On top of two days of regular practice per week in the evening, every morning the schedule would consist of:

A lap around the lake 3.5 Km (about 2 miles)

10 laps in a 30 meters swimming pool

50 wall balls (each arm)

50 shots at the goal (each arm)

* Progressively increase from there every 2 weeks, depending on the progress of each task.

TLA Training ground
The Training Ground aka. My Backyard

Falling victim to the “Lead by example” cliche, I found myself committing to this work out routine. How can I expect the national team players to be in shape when I am not? Needless to say, my other captain Tod is already in far better shape than I am… So I have a lot of work to do.

At least I got these puppies to keep me company on my 2 miles run every morning.. and yes, it’s Matte black. A new trend in lacrosse, if you don’t believe me check out Tumbas’ posting on 412.

Payu's new running shoes

And since we’re now with STX, we seem to have a new fondness for all things Nike. From Nike shoes, Nike socks, Nike shorts, and Nike compression shorts (But Thailand Lax tee, of course).

Getting ready
Getting ready...

79 Days left, and the clock is ticking…



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