Captain’s log Vol. 2: The Digress King

Captain Jack Vol. 2

Editor’s note: Thailand Lacrosse’s Payu Nerngchamnong, among the “many hats” he wears within the TLA is the captain of the men’s national team. With the first game against Connecticut Valley only several weeks away, he was asked to share with LAS readers his preparations to get himself, and the team, ready for the season. For the next few weeks he will post a sort of “photo diary” of these last 80 days, so sit back and enjoy.


Captain Jack Vol. 2

64 more days until Game Day

58 more days until shipping out for the U.S.

Since I’ll be needing at least two days prior to that for the final crosschecking, it means…

56 days left for Training

Less than two months to go…

That’s what I’ve been telling myself.

So much to do, so little time to do it… but in this edition of Captain’s log, I’m going to digress and talk about other stuffs instead of training.

Since the last Captain’s log: the TLA, Steve Hess and I hosted the FIL’s Tom Hayes, Rick Mercurio, and John Pirie for the first ever FIL Development Clinic in Bangkok.

With Coach Rick and Hayes
With Coach Rick, Coach Hess, and Coach Hayes

It was a good start for the development in Thailand, and a good starting point for the on the field training. The FIL Clinicians poured so much information to help us move forward with more structure to our practice, and training. These guys had over a 100 years of combined coaching experiences… It certainly helped me to fine tuned, and re-visited the fundamentals of the game.

Also having Tom Hayes, the FIL Development Director in Thailand was an opportunity to get his input on what he thinks the additional preparation is needed to host an international lacrosse tournament in Thailand. Besides gunning for the ASPAC 2013, there are several potential FIL events that Tom feel we could potentially host in the near future.

Tom at Yamaha Stadium
Tom visits the Yamaha Stadium

A lot of tips, and advices… some will be tested at our June’s GROW THE GAME INVITATIONAL showcase we’ll be hosting with Brunelle, and Wilson. We were so impressed with Pro Athletics for their professionalism, and creativity with our jersey that we want to keep working with them…

So stay tuned for the jersey mock up of the event by them for the two teams playing in this showcase… should be pretty awesome.

Speaking of Awesome.

I got a “tease tweet” from @TizzleSTX about our 2011 gloves

STX Twitter

Follow by the pictures in the e-mail like this one:

STX TLA Assault

More pictures of the gloves by @TizzleSTX HERE

I got so pumped up by these pictures, I woke up the next day actually and drank two raw eggs before going out for a 6AM run to the tunes of Rocky.

(To get some idea of what I’m talking about click HERE *YouTube disabled the embed function)


Very motivated indeed.

If these gloves are any indication of how our season is going to be, then I am pumped.

Our TLA Development officer Sean Lindsay seem to agree, cheers to that with a bottle of Singha

Lindsay Singha

It’s good to have something to get pumped up about.. especially for training. At the same time I got to be focus, but relax and don’t get stressed out about the game. I think right now I’m so relax, I can cut relaxation with a knife… (so not really). Between the preparation on and off the field for the CT game, GTG Invitational, ASPAC 2011, Friendly Cup match, and the Hawaii tournament…. it is as real as it’s going to get.

Anyway, enough digressing for me…

64 more days until Game Day

58 more days until shipping out for the U.S.

56 days left for Training




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