Captain’s Log Vol. 3: The Final Count Down


Editor’s note: Thailand Lacrosse’s Payu Nerngchamnong, among the “many hats” he wears within the TLA is the captain of the men’s national team. With the first game against Connecticut Valley only several weeks away, he was asked to share with LAS readers his preparations to get himself, and the team, ready for the season. For the next few weeks he will post a sort of “photo diary” of these last 80 days, so sit back and enjoy.


Welcome to the final countdown…

30 Days to go…

The tension is in the air, the first game of the season, the first game in America, and the first game in 10 years at Suffield Academy for yours truly.

It is happening…

The boys in Connecticut that we’ll be playing at that point would just finishing their spring campaign which most likely will be another season filled with “Ws” They should be well warmed up from all the games, and scrimmaging the Boston Cannon a weekend prior to playing Team Thailand.

That's one Good looking team..

After the game against Connecticut Valley, the following day I will have to play in the alumni game  along side a few other national team players (also Suffield Alum). On the brighter side this will be a good preparation for the 6 days of lacrosse games straight at ASPAC Tournament in New Zealand this July.

So it make sense to get serious, and accelerate the training program (even more).

10 Miles on the bike -or- 3 miles run in the morning
20 minutes of stick work time against the wall
Shooting Session, and agility training
and one more additional Team practice day per week

They’re all “schedule permitting” since I also have to work (huh? what is that?) as much as I want to do more. Hopefully that will do, and get this TLA Captain back in shape to keep up with the Baby Blue laxers from CT. And now, a little inspiration moment by Rocky and Co. :

"Let's built some hurting bombs"

Logistically speaking… it should be interesting as I mentioned in the previous Captain’s log. Hosting an event certainly more expensive than flying to all the games, but it less of a headache comparing to trying to get 20 people and their lacrosse equipments somewhere in the world for a lacrosse game. On top of which, the gazillian new equipments for 2011 that need to be shipped there as well. The good news is that we did pretty well on our first outing to Hong Kong, so one way or the other we’ll get our team to Connecticut, Auckland, and Hawaii this season.

30 days to go… what are we waiting for? Time to get serious. See you all in Connecticut



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