Captain’s Log Vol. 4: Never Stop

Never Stop

Editor’s note: Thailand Lacrosse’s Payu Nerngchamnong, among the “many hats” he wears within the TLA is the captain of the men’s national team. With the first game against Connecticut Valley only several weeks away, he was asked to share with LAS readers his preparations to get himself, and the team, ready for the season. For the next few weeks he will post a sort of “photo diary” of these last 80 days, so sit back and enjoy.


Never Stop

2 Weeks left… it’s Go time.

Despite being busy with Singapore Lacrosse project and Asia Lacrosse Initiative program, training, and preparation for the STX Suffield Lacrosse Classic never stop. STX have been working closely with me to make sure that our first co-host event together, and our first in America. With the help from Suffield and David Pillsbury (Suffield Academy head coach), it will be a great weekend of lacrosse in CT besides the “May Madness” tournament. The team is coming together well, despite a small attempted sabotage to try break up the team. This team will be the team that will head to New Zealand this fall, with several new young guns added to the roster like our new goalie who started every games this season except for the first two games for Utah (7-6). The boys will be in a good shape playing lacrosse all spring in America, a solid foundation for out future. Our uber Development officers: Sean and Chazz will join us in CT, as well as hauling themselves half way across the globe to assist Coach Hess in New Zealand too. What a trooper(s).

Mean while it’s raining erratically here in Bangkok so the biking part of the training had to be moved indoor. That’s for the safety of the bike, and bushes that I kept sliding into when it rained.

Peddle away...

(Yes, that’s Rocky IV playing on the TV)

Got a brand new weapon(s) en route to the Hess resident this week, sorry I’m not feeling the Huarache trend…. Instead I went with this:

Speaking of May Madness, keep a look out for this TLA promotional ad for NCAA Tournament Booklet:

The t-shirts are almost done, among many things that will be handing out / sell at the event in Suffield. The poster version of the image above will be on sale at the event as well as many free goodies. Other products are coming soon too, as well as this very special post card by the Art of Lax for Thailand Lacrosse:


So 14 days to go, can’t stop now. We Never Stop.

America here I come…




Our Arm Pads on Sweet Lax

Singapore Lacrosse is a GO

Thailand Shaft 2.0 is here

Out STX Duffle is here too

UPDATE: From the Bat Cave, spirit of GTG is alive and well..

GTG TLA house

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