Chiang Mai Quick Report: Thailand Assault Arm Guards

Chiang mai quick report

Chiang mai quick report

Welcome to another edition of TLA Quick Report: from the mountain top of the Chiang Mai province, the northern part of Thailand. In our recent posting, we’ve released several pictures of the finish products, that the TLA men’s team will be using this season. With the arrival of the STX Thailand Assault gloves, which the responds have all been positives. The only missing pieces are the matching custom arm protections…

Thailand Assault Gloves
The "Dynamic Duo"

That being said, now we bring you the photos by @TizzleSTX of our 2011 Assault Arm Guards, for both Home and the Alternate version:

Thailand Lax Tweet
Tizzle is excited, so do we...

We’ll start things off with the Home/ Away version, the Navy/Red/White colors scheme.. instead of typical 2 colors (white and “something else” like the rest of the STX college teams) The pads match the TLA gloves perfectly:

Thailand Assault Armpads

And here’s the Alternate version of team Thailand’s Assault Arm Guards, the Grey/Black/White colors scheme. They’re as ROBOCOP as they come for the lacrosse equipments, and the Black on it help offset the mostly Grey Alternate gloves:

Thailand Assault Armpads

More on them later, for now we wait for the arrival of Pro Athletics uniforms (and the helmet wraps) to complete Thailand 2011 gears line-up, and ofcourse let’s not forget our new Custom STX Duffle Bags that recently arrived as well.

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