Countdown to ASPAC 2011


With less than 8 months to go, the preparation is underway for the ASPAC 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. Team from as far as California (USA West), will be competing against the regional teams such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and of course the host nation New Zealand. The USA West took the honor in 2009 for the over all win, while Japan took home the APLU Championship win.

Thailand will have the opportunity to set the tone of their campaign toward Denver in 2014 very early at the ASPAC. With alot of new teams emerging between 2006 and 2010, Thailand is not taking any chances going into their first world game. All eyes will be watching the team from the Kingdom of Siam, after defeating the Hong Kong team both in Kowloon, and on the home soil in 2010.

The young program will be put through intensive training, months ahead of the tournament. It will be the first time these Thai players will play this many games in such a short period of time. Sean Lindsay will head the offensive training program very early on, he’ll be coming in early to set the tempo of the offense (which most likely will be “run and gun” just like the way his alma mater runs it).

With Harrison and Woodson will help filled in any technical/ fundamental gap on the offensive side. Steve Hess and P.T. Ricci will head the defensive program, making sure that the Thai defense will be able to withstand the Constance attack by the experience opponent at the ASPAC. Count on Thailand hitting the ground running, comes their first game next summer in New Zealand.