Denver 2014 Preparation Updates


Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA) has been preparing for the men’s national team’s trip to Denver this summer to compete in the World Championship. Last week, TLA announced the 30-man roster. The roster will be trimmed to 26 athletes next month before traveling to Denver. The final 23 athletes representing Thailand will be determined the week before the tournament.

The roster will include two athletes from Chula University. Chula University is the first university in Thailand to field a varsity lacrosse team. The program was adopted following successful development clinics, and weekly practices run by TLA. Two Chula players, Chutiwat Pookprachob and Satien Tuntarawongsa, were named to the TLA practice squad earlier this year and played on the team in a game against Singapore. Both Pookprachob and Tuntarawongsa are on the 30-man roster, along side seasoned veterans some of which were graduates of the similar TLA development program.

TLA has more exciting news with the addition of Coach Matt Brown. Brown will be the head coach of the Thai Indoor lacrosse team for the FIL World Indoor Championship in 2015. As the offensive coordinator with the Denver Pioneers, Brown will be joining fellow University of Denver coach Dylan Sheridan as part of the TLA family.

“I would like to thank Payu Nerngchamnong for asking me to be a part of his Thailand Lacrosse family,” Coach Brown said. “I am very excited to help bring box lacrosse to Thailand and the Asian Pacific. One of the main reasons I wanted to be involved in the Thailand Lacrosse Association is the passion and commitment that Payu and his staff have in spreading and growing this great game. The Thailand Lacrosse Association is at the forefront of field lacrosse in Asia and now will be the first Asian country to participate in the FIL Indoor World Championships. Thailand’s participation in the 2015 World Indoor Championships will be the first step in the next development of box lacrosse globally and I’m honored to be a part of it. “

Coach Sheridan similarly shared his excitement about Coach Brown’s addition as the head coach of Thailand’s Indoor team.

“I couldn’t be happier to have Matt Brown join us in our pursuit of bringing Thailand to the forefront of the international lacrosse community. I’ve had the privilege of working side by side with Matt the last four years at the University of Denver, and I’m constantly inspired by his professionalism, maturity, leadership and passion. There is no doubt in my mind that these qualities will serve our young organization well, and Matt will help elevate indoor lacrosse in Thailand to a whole new level. In addition, his connection with the Canadian Lacrosse Association should help us considerably in progressing toward our overall goal of growing the game beyond Thailand’s borders into all of Asia.”


President of TLA, Payu Nerngchamnong, has played a critical role in attracting coaching talent to Thailand. Payu recognizes the importance of having coaches who will be able to guide the national team on the field as well as fuel the growth of the sport in Thailand.

“I couldn’t be prouder to have exceptional coaches like Coach Sheridan, and Coach Brown to join our organization,” Payu said. “These men have demonstrated their abilities as some of the best and innovative coaches in college lacrosse. Under the guidance and leadership of Coach Bill Tierney, both men had helped the Denver program elevate its status to become one of the premier programs in Division I lacrosse, in just a few short years. Furthermore, they shared the vision and determination to not only spread the game in the new area but to help raised the level of competition at the same time, as they have shown previously with Denver before joining the Thailand lacrosse program. The World Games this summer and the World Indoor Games next year presented a different set of challenges for a young program such as ours as we must balance the focus of lacrosse development in Thailand as well as continuing to improve our National team program(s). It is vital for us to have the right leadership, on and off the field, for the continuity of the accelerated progress that our program has demonstrated the last five years. I am confident that these two men will help us usher in the new era for Thailand, in field and indoor lacrosse, while staying true to the identity and the integrity of our program. I am looking forward to working closely with these two men to achieve these goals we are set out to do for Thailand.”

Brown will also serves as an assistant coach for Team Canada at this year’s FIL World Lacrosse Championship in Denver.


TLA also announced this week the addition of Lena Welch as the Communication Director. Lena works for the Athletic Communication Office at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has been working with the UNC lacrosse team for three years. She will be joining the TLA team for the World Championship in Denver.

“Lena is another exciting addition to our management team for Denver, as she will play an important role within the Thailand Lacrosse structure,” Payu said. “She brings vast experience in sports communication and public relations that she gained in such a short time at UNC. Lena is an exceptional and a capable young woman with a relentless work ethic. I am confident that her contributions to our program will be essential to our success, starting with Denver 2014.”​

More TLA’s Denver Updates to follow..

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