Enigma Apparel in Motorsport


Thailand Lacrosse’s Official partner Enigma Apparel doesn’t just do lacrosse, but they’re involved in soccer and motorsports as well.

Here’s a great documentary of B-Quik Racing Team from Thailand, the same high quality found in those of Thailand Lacrosse’s videos. Enigma Apparel have the task of outfitting all of their BQRacing team gears, while testing it’s products which will help improved their product lines across the Enigma brand. So when you wear an Enigma Apparel products, it’s the result of not only the testing on the field, but on the track as well. In the video you’ll see the evolution of the team’s gears, from the pit crew tees, team polos, and the racing suits over the course of this racing season. We’re looking forward to see what they come up with, for the Thai men’s and women’s team this October in Bangkok.

Enigma on Twitter: @EnigmaThailand