From the TLA Scrapbook..


Here are some pictures from the early days of Thailand Lacrosse, the first is taken at our Indoor practice facility in downtown Bangkok. Originally designed for soccer, this turf facility had host over 200 Thailand lacrosse practices in the last three years. It’s the blessing that many in the U.S. take it for granted but we truly cherish it. From the man made goals, out of steel pipes, cable ties, and fish nets. To hosting two national programs in one weekend at the state-of-the-art stadium we called home. Three years… we certainly had come a long way since then, and here are some quick TLA statistic:

Games – 8*

Win – 6

Lost – 2

Goal Against – 77

Goal Allowed – 63

*total games since 2010

In the development side: the number of players who never play lacrosse before prior to TLA founded currently active in Thailand Lacrosse is 20. Twelve of those currently playing for men’s or women’s national team. Last weekend, seven of those played for the men’s team last weekend against Singapore, and Hong Kong. So a quarter of our players on the TLA tournament roster did not play lacrosse prior to 2011. It’s a progress we’re looking for, and I’m proud to see these guys playing competitive lacrosse. Against experienced players who played for many years, in the States or their respective country.

The early days

The women’s program is not that far behind either, I expect more women’s turn out/progress after last weekend’s first game with Singapore/ Hong Kong ladies. We see the snowball effect is happing with the growth for the women’s program. And not only did we focus on just within our country, but we have reached out to Singapore, and very soon Malaysia. Paying it forward what we learn from the game that we love, and sharing it with those who haven’t had the opportunity to. To see the progress of Singapore proves that we actually doing it, instead of just a “feel good” phrase that people say to look or feel good about themselves.

First lacrosse clinic in Singapore by TLA boys

With a lot more development project in the works, also Chazz and Sean are looking forward to come back here and use their vast knowledge to get more people to play. It seems like yesterday that these two first arrived in Bangkok, and since then we never look back. The two guys, helped our guys by coaching and playing with them. Patiently showing them how to play the game, and how to improve themselves. They’re a blessing to our program, and the unsung heroes of international growth… We look forward to see the guys back in Thailand again, and welcoming Danielle here for the first time as well.

CW and SL in Bangkok

And speaking of game grower, LAS¬†guys had been on this great journey covering Thailand lacrosse since it’s very first year. Spreading the word about lacrosse beyond the U.S. boarder across the cyber space. Even came over to play lacrosse in Thailand, building the relationship, and breaking cultural barrier with lacrosse. We’re honored to have these guys on this journey with us, so thank you. Three years on, we’re still going strong… thank you all for being on this journey with us.

Grow the Gamers in Thailand