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Payu’s Note: Game Day

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Greetings from Hong Kong.

After much anticipation, and traveling fiasco… we are all here. The team meeting last night was a productive one, despite missing a few guys due to traveling delays. Steve Hess phoned in to help with a few pointers, and covering the defensive side of the game. With a new addition to the defensive unit, this will be the first time half of the defensive unit didn’t play together in the previous game.

Rory Baldini a member of our LAS family, and Woozles whos now living in Hong Kong, join the team to help out the Thai team on defensive side. Rory is no stranger to Thailand lacrosse, he came to Bangkok for GTG Invitational last year. And he flew to help TLA conduct a clinic in Singapore for the Grow the Game effort.. LAS’s Dave Ogle tweeted that he is wishing he’s here right now (with his “other half” Rory).

Offensively, the same unit is back with a few missing links (Thai living in the U.S.) but for the most part it’s the same team that play together in the last three games (But expect the full house of the Thai roster for the October tournament).

This will be my first game as an official “Coach” at the international level, another first and I’m happy that it’s for the Hong Kong game. There are so many history, and memories involving Thailand lacrosse and Hong Kong. The game against Hong Kong was our first ever game, and the first victory. It’s an honor to be back, and honoring our country and the game of lacrosse in Asia.

Today we’re having the customary lunch the Hong Kong team, then a relaxing time for the team. Then we meet at our hotel for the final briefing with everyone before heading out for tonight’s game. It should be a good weekend, over all and a great day of lacrosse. I’ll be writing my final thoughts of the game afterward in a separate post, as well as pictures coverage of the game. Stay tuned.

Our home base for the weekend

The Thailand – Hong Kong Friendly Game Preview

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