Game Week Preview: Hong Kong Lacrosse


It’s time to take a look at the team we’ll be playing this weekend: the Hong Kong National Team. The fierce lacrosse program off the coast of mainland China, Hong Kong Lacrosse had been around since 1993. The game was introduced to Hong Kong by a British professor teaching at the University of Hong Kong, which later a few graduates formed Hong Kong Lacrosse Association. The Hong Kong team is know for being in a great physical shape, and  a desciplin game of lacrosse lead by Louis Hou. The executive director of HKLA, as well as the head coach of the men’s national team. They competed in three FIL World Championship, with respectable results, and proven to be competitive against the European opponents. Hong Kong was the first opponent for Thailand back in 2010, in that match up Thailand defeated Hong Kong 10 – 8. Since then, Thailand had won two more games against Hong Kong at home and keep the Friendly Cup in Bangkok. This will be Thailand first game away from the home soil, since their first victory back in 2010. The relationship between the two programs are very close, and the games have always been heavily contested in every meetings. Expecting nothing less than a great game of lacrosse this weekend in Hong Kong, more reports to follow.

Coach Hou with his team in Bangkok
Thailand – Hong Kong Friendly Cup

Current Records and Schedules 


@Hong Kong : THA 10 – HK 8 

@Bangkok : THA 10 – HK 7


@Auckland : N/A (Thailand did not participate in the ASPAC Championship)

@Bangkok : THA 20 – HK 14


@Hong Kong : August 18th – 7:00 PM at Happy Valley

@Bangkok : October 20th – 7:00 PM at SCG Stadium

Count on a great contest between the two teams every time
Who will come out on top this time?

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