Game Week Quick Note


We’re now in a full Game Week mode…

A lot of stuff to do on end ahead of saturday… luckily, I have a great team to help me out.

Coach Hess, and Kacy are working hard on Defensive and Offensive strategies.

The business as usual of the IMPACT team setting up for Thailand’s Season opener.

Our Stadium got renamed from the Yamaha Stadium to SCG Stadium in honor of Siam Cement Group.

The team is working hard this week to get ready for the game on saturday, even the players that are not on the roster.

Everyone at TLA are being assigned different tasks this week, to help the national team prepare for the game.

The goodies are rolling in from the States side, like our team’s new Head Wrapz.

It is no surprise that we are going Volt theme for the game, even our 2012 T-shirts are inspired by the color too. If you want them, be sure to send any questions you have to me here.

Wouldn’t you like to see the pictures of our full uniform this weekend? We’ll post them here ONLY on LAS.

On that note, to other lacrosse blogs: feel free to repost our pictures like without the fear of being sued by us, like the way you threaten to do so to LAS… (it’s not what we do). Just remember that it’s a two way streets.

Debating whether I should play in this game or not… 

The Deputy Chief of Mission of the Singapore Embassy in Thailand will represent Singapore honorary guest, and preside over the game.

Thailand Honorary guest will once again be represented by the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force, ACM SriChon Chanruang.

The game FIL referee will be flying in from Japan, and for the first time South Korea.

A Great film session tonight, a good team bonding experience, and going over stuffs.

Implementing a few new sideline protocol picked up from the Oregon Ducks football team.

Two more practices before game day, a lot more things to cover from now until 7 pm face-off on Saturday.