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Looks like everyone back at Thailand Lacrosse HQ took a bit of a vacation it seems, well at least we are making up for it this weekend so quit your complaining. I am definitely not in the mood especially being blamed for the recent earthquake in Japan, just because I happen to be in town.

So let’s get to it shall we?  

Looks like 2012 season of College lacrosse is coming to a close very soon, definitely would have like to see the Orangemen not choked again this year. I guess We all here will be enjoying watching Sean Lindsay pulling his own hairs out instead when we talk about ‘Cuse with him in Bangkok. A better bracket for the semi would have been Irish vs. Terps, and the Devils vs. Hounds, at least for once the Final would be worth watching rather than wasted all the excitement in the semi games.  All I can say is three out of the four teams deserves to be there, the other well… you’ll be the judge.

The European Championship is coming up, so is the FIL General Assembly gathering. Which will be in Amsterdam, appropriately  since majority of the nation will be there. Yet somehow, a certain Blue division nation did not like that, protest saying it’s not right, and that sent a formal protest. In the letter it said “The GA’s should not be perceived as a marketing exercise nor a convenience of the majority” Really? Sure, it should just be for the convenience of a FEW Blue division nations… If that’s the case then FIL would be no different than the UN where it’s only cater toward the small group of the “big boys”. Anyway, that country seems to forget that on more than one occasion the FIL championship was held at that country ALL THE WAY on that corner of the globe, where there isn’t any lacrosse to be found within the 5,000 miles of that country. God forbid they had to send a representative to fly 20 hours to attend the meeting that’s held once every 2 years, when EVERYONE else out of 44 other member nations had to do it too… God forbid.

STX did a great job again on the team gloves for Thailand, this time they stepped up their game, and raised the bar with 3 different versions of their Cell2 gloves. They’re all looks good in their own way, check it out below (and let the hating begins). 412 post some more pictures of the Alternate version on his blog as well.. Pretty sure more will surface in the coming days.

Speaking of gear, wait for soon-to-be-release picture of TLA’s new Away helmet by CascadeIs it Stormtrooper-tastic? Yes, indeed.

Did you see the helicopter shots of the team’s Stadium? and the 2012 Teaser by Enigma Film? If so where have you been..?

TLA now has their own Wikipedia, check it out HERE

Lastly, a quick word of advice for insurgents that keep ambushing TLA with the lies, stop telling lies about Thailand lacrosse and we’ll considered not taking a full page ad + a press release exposing the truth about you. Don’t try to re-write history, you have nothing to do with the rise, and the growth of lacrosse in Thailand. Stop riding on the coattail of OUR hard work, and pretend that it’s yours. It’s sad, and quite frankly pathetic.

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