Godzilla Sideline Sighting…


Last friday, we were allowed to attend the Thai national team’s final practice before their Saturday game against Singapore. The game ended with the score of 9-2, Thailand walking away with the Rival Cup. Thailand coaching staff introduced the signage system at practice, and during the game. At the game, Thailand had their sideline staff holding up several square signs with logos, and mascot of several Universities on them. The Thai players on offense were then reacted to the sign, changing formation, and initiate the offensive play according to the sign being held up. We were told that the signs system, were adapted from the Oregon Ducks football signage play calling system. It designed to help speed up the offense, and prevent the delays of players not hearing the play call through their helmet/ambient noises. Along with the sign the coach will be calling out the related name to the sign, which helped the players recognizing what they’re suppose to be doing via auditory, and visually. During the game, in a single set of offense we could see as much as three different signs were being held up…

Did Thailand lacrosse being too fancy? and did it work?

Thailand held Singapore scoreless for the first three quarters, and Singapore only goals came both times on their man-up opportunity. Not having to call time out or wait to relaying each play calling to the whole offense allowed Thailand to catch the Singapore defense off guard. Most of all, it wore the Singapore defense down from the constant changed in formation/plays.. the Thai offense averaged over 8 shots per quarter. Whether or not Thailand will keep the signage system, or why they choose the logos/schools on the signage is still unknown to us. All we can say for now is that, the experiment seems to worked…

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