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Things a heating up in the South East Asian region for lacrosse development, or at least for the real Asian lacrosse programs. Singapore Lacrosse is moving quickly, they submitted their membership application to the FIL for it’s consideration. As well as drafting their lacrosse constitution for it’s program, and joining the APLU (Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union). There is an increase of 10 percent in participation on average, with more Singaporean are now joining the program. On top of that great work, for the third time in one year period, they manage to put together a team to compete in Thailand this October. Malaysia Lacrosse is gathering people together, as they’re scattered across Malaysia. TLA is sending equipments to help out on the ground, just like they did with Singapore, with plan to conduct the first ever clinic in upcoming months. Thailand Lacrosse is in the league of their own, with the focus is currently on the women’s program. From the new Development officer appointment for the women’s program, and the first game scheduled against Hong Kong in October. Japan Lacrosse is sending referee, led by Kentaro Shimizu to Thailand. To help conduct a referee development clinic in Thailand. Things are actually happening on the ground there in this part of Asia.

A few items to keep an eye on in Asia:

  • “Battles in Bangkok” will be the first SE Asian Tournament, and the first test of Thailand’s abilities to host more than one team in an event.
  • Thailand, and Singapore joining APLU, will that have an effect on Asia Lacrosse community?
  • Thailand moving up to the Full Membership Status within the FIL
  • Will China Lacrosse challenged the big brothers of lacrosse (Japan, Australia) in this region? (Connor Wilson wrote a great piece on it).
  • How will the turn out for ASPAC2013 in Beijing be? as it last less than stellar in participation number back in New Zealand for ASPAC2011.
  • Growth of the women’s program in this region

Africa is doing their things too, and it seem like Uganda Lacrosse is really picking up the speed. They are on the hunt to find their first ever head coach, the coach should help them on their journey toward Denver 2014. Meanwhile in Europe, is a bit quiet after their European Championship this summer. But the future is bright for the ELF, with their newly elected President Andreas Rossband. A great referee, a Game Growers, and a friend of TLA President, Payu. Perhaps we’ll see more European teams heading over to Asia to compete in following years.

That’s it for now, but remember: Your national program’s credibility is only as credible as your commitment to the lacrosse development in your country. And NOT how many games you played under the country’s name. 

Where did I parked my car?
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