Godzilla’s X-Mas Weekend Quick Notes


Merry X-Mas Thailand Lacrosse readers, it’s been a while… after a trip to the mother land this fall, yours truly is back.

Thailand Lacrosse 2011 season originally supposed to end with the Hawaii tournament at the end of October. It turns out they packed two regional competitions into their schedule in October, coming out off October with 1 win and 1 lost. A 3rd win against Hong Kong in two years, the relationship between these two lacrosse programs continue to grow. A defeat against Singapore, who’s questionable decision to bring ONLY caucasian players (non-Singaporean nationals) was not as controversial as not taking responsibility for the aftermath of the game. Which included trashed hotel rooms, and disrespectful reference to the institution of the Thai monarch by some of the SLA “national” players. Not something that the host nation expect from their guest, especially considering SLA financially supported by TLA’s President Payu. It should be an interesting second encounter in Singapore in February next year, unfortunately Thailand won’t be able to show those players how to be a “good guests”. Since majority of those players who came to Bangkok, had long defected back to their respective Western countries… shame.

Speaking of shameful, I guess when you are doing something right everyone want to copy you. First a fake TLA t-shirt, now a fake lacrosse program.. the reason I say “fake: is even though everyone can start a lacrosse program. It’s another thing entirely to pretend to be someone else’s program, stealing players, copying and taking credit for all the hard work that others did… Having a “lacrosse journalistic entity” jumping in and covering them because one of the co-conspiritor of this shameful program is their employee is another example of Irresponsible journalism (if you even want to call it that). TLA been around for 2 years without coverage from you, then you decide to cover lacrosse in Thailand by going with the people who leeched of TLA? Interesting.. The truth will come out, and you don’t get to decide what is news or the truth just because you call yourself “the source” lacrosse news.

Oh, before I forget.. here’s the 2011 highlight video of the Thailand National Team by Enigma Film Production.

The production company also put out two teasers on TLAVision, the official YouTube channel of TLA. Be sure to check them out, and keep a look out for TLA official movie “For King and Country” debuting soon.

Back to the fun stuffs..

The word on the street is Thailand Lacrosse Association acquired several new partners for 2012, one being Enigma Apparel. The sport apparel firm based out of Thailand, they should become strong brand in lacrosse very quickly. Check out what they did for LAS team in Vegas HERE, they already securing contracts with several teams to supplies the team apparel for 2012.

More of their stuffs including Thailand 2012 STX gears to debut on 412 next week during Winter Fashion Week.

Had a chance to look at Thailand 2012 Schedule, it should be an interesting season ahead… very action packed. More countries coming to Thailand, GTG Invitational will be back in Bangkok next year, and Thailand’s first ever lacrosse tournament. They’re the next steps in growing the game globally, hopefully other will come around too. More posting to follow before we welcome the year 2012, don’t go anywhere…


  1. This is smart.  They are trying to set themselves up now for when the talent arrives over the next few years.  And you’re right – they are doing a nice job with recruiting so far.  But if they just ignored their culture now and waited for the D1 talent, they would not be ready as quickly.  Smart.

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