GTG: Asia Initiative


Payu is taking to the sky, with a mission to form a coalition of Asian lacrosse nations.

Despite having two of it’s nations in the blue division (Australia and Japan), the growth of lacrosse in Asia Pacific region still moving at a glacier pace. With the European are now surpassing Asia Pacific in number of countries with lacrosse program, it’s a catch up game that Asia is now have the deal with.

The so-called “traditional way” of lacrosse development is no longer work, and a necessary measures has to be put in place to secure the future of lacrosse in Asia. So rather than sit tight and followed the standard protocol set by the local governing body, Payu had decided to try a different approach.

By bringing the teams closer to each other, and forming a coalitions of regional teams. And actually doing it, instead of pretending it exist already merely because of their geographical locations. Which that key component is one of the major disadvantage for Asia vs. Europe (they can drive between countries in Europe).

Encouraging the frequent competitions between these countries, during the off championship years is a good start. This year Hong Kong, and Singapore travelled to Thailand for non championship matches Friendly games. Instead of waiting around for someone else to start lacrosse in another asia country, Payu help aid them to get them up on line quicker such as Singapore and Philippines.

Now Payu and TLA is taking the show on the road and flying to various countries to meet with the head of different lacrosse programs, within the region to discuss a way to working closely through out the year not just playing one another every 2 or 4 years or so. More of like the “Lacrosse Diplomatic Goodwill Tour” of Asia, in a quest to get all the teams on board for the first ever TLA sponsored Regional Tournament in 2012. Starting with Korea:

With Hong Kong and Singapore already on Thailand’s regular schedule for 2012 (of course don’t forget the 2012¬†GTG invitational with LAS), and a possibility of another three way lacrosse¬†jamboree with 412‘s American Revolution boys in Bangkok next August. Adding Korea and Philippines to the mix will only help the growth of lacrosse in a new country like Thailand, and a valuable international competitions between these countries. Which should help them prepare for the world game, creating a true partnership within the region than the illusion of one which quite frankly does nothing for the game of lacrosse…. especially in Asia.

Stay tuned for more updates of this GTG mission..

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