GTG: Thailand Give Away Contest

18 - Published January 5, 2011 by in Fun Stuff, Gear

A lot of goodies to go around...

Everyone at the LAS network always believe it rewarding our loyal readers, constantly giving away great gifts (goodies/swags.. whatever you want to call it) as if it’s Christmas everyday. So to celebrate Thailand Lacrosse becoming a member of the LAS family, we’re giving away great memorabilia from the TLA. Pictured above are the Team T-shirts, Game shorts, and the event poster ALL are available for the fans who wants them. All we ask in return from you avid readers is to answer one simple “Grow the Game” question:

“In your view, how can we best grow the game beyond continental United States?”

Please submit your “Grow the Game” answer down below in the comment section of this post, we’ll pick 10 best answers from all the comments down below at the end of this month. However, make sure that you’re either a member of Thailand Lacrosse Facebook Page or Thailand Lacrosse Twitter follower to be eligible to win this contest, so go sign up!


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