Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin Quick Report: The Updates

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Hua Hin Beach

Sa-wad-dee from Hua Hin..

A beautiful view of the Gulf of Thailand brought to you by Asara Villa & Suite beach front, in Hua Hin a small beach town 2 hours south of Bangkok. Hua Hin is one of many destinations Jeff Brunelle, Connor Wilson, and the LAS crew will be visiting, during their week in Thailand for the GTG Invitational in June. It is also home to many terrific tourist attraction, and TLA President Payu‘s beach house where he’ll be hosting the LAS crew.

Payu Hua Hin Beach house

More on Hua Hin go HERE

GTG Invitational

Let's go to Bangkok!

A lot of progress have been made by Jeff, Connor and Payu in preparation for the event on both end of the pond… The Countless e-mails, and Skype Conference calls between these guys, plus JB + CW are handpicking great individuals to participate in this GTG event will help guarantee it’s success (Editor note: @DanHelfrich of @IUlax is practically packed, and ready to go).

LAS Tweet

Rumor has it, that Pro Athletics is working closely with Wilson to come up with a creative, and cool GTG Game gears for the event. If 412‘s American Revolution Reversible are any indication, it should be pretty exciting. Plus, the GTG Game Shorts for the lucky 40 players playing in GTG match will be available for purchase.. Stay tune for the preview of it, and pre-sale annoucement.

Also, these following lucky readers won the GTG Contest hosted by TLA a while back:

TB Sheets, Kylebishops22, Redtdc, Pcooper, Bsmith_47, Myongue, The Creole, Hwalters, LiveLaxBro, Pat and Tim Samson

Please e-mail: to claim your prize, if you have not already. Be sure to use the same e-mail you enter the contest, when e-mail your shipping address to us. Thank you.

On an entirely different note.

Two weeks ago, we were all shocked by the tragedy that struck Japan. The 9.0 Earthquake followed by a massive Tsunami destroyed Japanese cities, and claimed many lives. Everyone at LAS and TLA’s thoughts, and prayers are with the people of Japan.

Heal Japan

Different organizations within the lacrosse community has already been working on doing their part to support the rebuilt efforts for Japan. The Japanese Lacrosse Association (JLA) is one of the oldest member of the FIL and a member of the Blue division. Thailand Lacrosse is working with JLA to create a fund raising tee (and other merchandise only on LAS stores) to help raise money to aid the efforts. Team Thailand will also be sporting the “Heal Japan” helmet decal (see above), as a tribute to our country’s friendly neighbor.

Read this Amazing story from the Tsunami.

** There have been questions about whether or not Japan will participate in the ASPAC Championship, the regional tournament in NZ this July. The last Summer Japan finished 4th in the FIL World Championship ranking, we’ll bring the updated report of their participation status on the later dates **

We hope that by the next fall some of the players can join us in Hawaii on the Woozles Global Team (name to be confirm), since there has been talks already started for Japanese players joining our tournament team with the LAS crew….

Darth Woozles Gears Finally Arrived (along with LAS Rocket Pops gloves)

LAS Care package

It’s time to get Woozles… how about this Pink combo?


Thanks Jeff, and Connor…We’ll post the pictures of these gears in action to follow. If only STX make Pink custom gloves too, Black/Grey/Pink custom mittens would have been something quite exquisite. We are still blown away by our 2011 gloves.

Full Interview with Payu on LAS : Covering on all topics such as: Life, Team Thailand, the FIL, working with LAS, the switch to STX, Coach Hess, The road blocks set by some in the lacrosse community, and other issues along the way… Coming soon, You do not want to miss it.

Follow us on Twitter: @Thailand_lax and @Coach_Hess More TLA Giveaway goodies when we hit 300 followers. Something funny on Twitter that we found by one of our fans @_itsmeagain:

Lacrosse Funny Tweet Tweet

From "the Master" himself

Watch this space for more updates, further development, and all the news in the world of Thailand Lacrosse. But for now, live from Hua Hin… this is TLA Signing off.

Asara Hua Hin________________________________________________________________________________________

Side Notes:

Wesleyan – Middlebury Game photos by Mr. Wilson

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Tumbas’s Recruiting Conquest

Indiana got new home/away socks, very cool

NYU got new toys, looking sharp and the program is looking solid.

NYU helmet

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