Inside the Think Tank


I always think better at night.

Perhaps it’s because the fast pace of Bangkok business world comes into a halt, that allows me to organized my thoughts, and coming up with new ideas. However, it doesn’t mean every thing stops either, because the lacrosse world (America) is just waking up as the sun is setting in the Kingdom of Siam. It’s good that we have this time differences, because as I had time to prepared for that day ahead of America (12 hours actually). Then when I hop on Skype with them, it’s already calm and quiet with no interruptions.

Working from my study, or what I like to call it “the Think Tank” (or a War Room, depending on situation I suppose). Surrounded by memorabilia, gifts, and awards from over the years, it helps me keep thing in perspective.. and understand how fortunate I am to be in this position. For those who thinks we “have it easy” you better go do your homework because respectfully, you don’t know sh*t.  It hasn’t been a silky smooth road getting here, a lot of battles, and challenges along the way. Many of those challenges, were strategized, and resolved in this very room. And I’m sure as we (TLA and myself) grow into our new roles in Asia lacrosse, as well as within the FIL… there will be more challenges that we’ll have to face.

It’s a good thing I have a great team behind me, on and off the field. As well as the strong allies that I forged over the year, and some new one that will help us propel forward. Loyalty is earned and rewarded, unfortunately I can’t say the same for those who treated my friendship with the opposite. Talks are Talks, until you delivered on your promises.. sometime it takes time, I know that from my own experiences, but it’s not hard to spot the fakes either. We will see what’s the future hold for us, but my policy moving forward is quite clear: No more quarter is given.

Time to switch gears..

We are a little over a month until our first ever “Battles in Bangkok” tournament, a lot of preparation both from the team perspective and as the host of the event. Impact and Singha is come through as always for us, every parties worked hard to help TLA organize the event at the level that’s adequate to the FIL standards. While our partners in the States, such as South Swell, Cascade, Headwrapz and STX made sure that our men and women are well equipped for the tournament. And not just Thailand, their assistance to Singapore program really reflects their willingness to help Grow the Game. However, we are simply just doing our part for the effort, while Jeff and Connor do their thing with GTG tour in the States. I’m looking forward to see the LAS guys back in Bangkok very soon, we postponed the invitational from it’s original date so we can focus on GTG.

One months to go and things are as hectic as ever…

Enigma Apparel is pumping out new uniforms for Singapore, and gears for the Thai men’s and women’s team. With a few additional Asian countries are now joining the partnership as well.  It should be interesting to see them debuting their new uniforms this October, and it’s great to see new countries’ flag on these uniforms.

I’ll be flying into New York early October to meet with our U.S. partners, and FIL Development director: Tom Hayes (and hopefully other FIL board members too). A lot on the agenda which I’ll try to cover via E-mails leading up to the trip, as I will probably only going to be there for 3 days.  Of course meeting up with Connor Wilson for another “lacrosse date night” in New York.

I hoping I can squeeze in Denver trip to meet Coach Bill Tierney to continue our conversations about Thailand team coming over. To scrimmage/ train with his team in Denver next year, in preparation for the World Game which will take place in Denver. There’s already a box of Thailand lacrosse t-shirts floating around Denver campus since March.  We’ll shall see, but if it’s not this trip then I’ll make sometime to, the man is a legend and I have upmost respect for him.

Sorting out logistics for all the Thai-American flying to Thailand to compete and trying out for the team. So they can be considered on the Thai roster for 2013 ASPAC, and 2014 World Game. It’s a good chance for them to continue on with their lacrosse ambitions, and most of all meeting their families that’s still in Thailand. Our October roster will be the strongest we’ve ever been, in term of the Thai talents we have available. I’m looking forward to meet new faces in person as well, after following their progress in college lacrosse.

So much to prepare for, but another late night, another productive evening. I will keep you all updated on the progress of these topics in the  coming weeks, until next time…

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Payu is the President and Founder of Thailand Lacrosse Association, a dedicated international game grower. Payu played the game for 13 years in the U.S., started a men's club team in NYC, before bringing the Creator's game to the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition to that, he founded lacrosse program in Singapore and Malaysia. He's now in his 4th year as the International editor of Lax All-Stars, some say he never sleeps (and we believe it, from his constant 24/7 posting).