Iroquois excluded from the Blue division for Denver

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Recently, the FIL Board of Directors made a ruling excluding the Iroquois Nationals from the Blue Division in the FiL World Championship 2014. As the result of the Iroquois team did not participate in the World Championship 2010 in Manchester, England. Due to the issue with the British government refused to recognized the Haudenosaunee passport, which did not allowed the players to travel with their tribal passports.

Team Germany now replaced the Iroquois in the Blue division for Denver, which will be the first time that the Nationals did not participation in the Blue division since the start of the Championship many decades ago. The Chairman of the Iroquois Nationals recently wrote an open letter (see below) to the FIL Board requesting for the appeal, which they shared the letter with all the leadership of the FIL’s member nations.

Since then, the Haudenosaunee Board of Directors have put in motion the petition for the FIL to call for a vote among member nations, to allow the Nationals to play in the Blue division as they were originally supposed to. With a little over a year to go, until more than forty nations arrives in Denver. For the largest gathering of International lacrosse programs in the history of the sport, it would be ashamed if one of the world’s best team is not allowed to play where they’re rightfully should in this tournament.

Iroquois Letter

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