Kho Phi Phi Quick Report: The Lacrosse Updates

May Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand


May Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Welcome to Kho Phi Phi, one of Thailand’s many fine gems.

A quick 40 minute plane ride from the home of Thailand Lacrosse, interested? then keep checking the GTG: Let’s go to Bangkok to find out how you can join the LAS boys to play a game in front of 23,000 Thais at the Yamaha stadium in Bangkok this June.

Grow the Game Lax Invitational


If Asia isn’t your cup of tea, you can always go to Europe with 412 Revolution Squadron.

Lax Liberty
Join the Revolution!

If you know how much us LAS boys love great gears, then you know you can expect great things coming out of these two events. Speaking of gears, Thailand lacrosse’s new sponsor STX has been releasing their newest assault lines for their D1 programs. You can check them out on 412 and Sweet Sweet Lax, it’s the same line of equipment Thailand will be using for 2011. For more check out STX’s Facebook page: HERE

Hofstra custom gloves
Love it? Hate it?

Take a look at Hopkins version on 412’s Blue Jays Feathers posting, Tumbas was abit dissapointed with Nike’s 2011 cleats for the Blue Jays. So LAS’s Karl Laxerfeld decided to made one for them to cheer him up on Nike ID. (Check out the Nike version of the JHU gloves: HERE)

JHU Nike Cleats
Baby Blue/ Black to perfection

Oh, and some nice trainers for TLA too… Since they’ll be on the road a lot this year.

Thailand Custom Trainers
Now that's some good looking traveling footwear

If you happen to be in Connecticut this May, be sure to swing by Suffield Academy. To watch Team Thailand play Connecticut Valley LC for their Season opener. STX will be there to support the event, such a trooper (Can you say the same for “the other guys”? other International teams, please take note). You’ve seen Thailand Lacrosse’s STX Assault line before, but have you seen these K18 mock-ups?

Thailand Lacrosse Custom K18
Home and Alternate K18s

Should they get these gloves as well? and mixing it up with the Assault gears, several teams have done it before. Anyway, on to the next issue on the agenda…

Earlier this month, we asked “How best to grow the game oversea beyond continental United States” in the Grown the Game Contest. These readers answered, so they ALL will receive the TLA official gears for their efforts:

TB Sheets










and Tim Samson

Please e-mail us at besure to include your shipping address, the e-mail address you use on the answer you post for verification purpose. Your Thailand goodies will be heading your way very soon… thank you for participating.

GTG Thailand Lacrosse Gears
GTG: Thailand Gears

Thailand missed out on LaxCon this year, several international teams showed up to promote their program. A chance to meet the people in the industry, getting the word out about international lacrosse scene, you can read about it on HERE.

Bonus: A good read.. hosted by Godzilla

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