Kho Phuket Quick Report: From the Workshop

Phuket Lacrosse
Covered in snow..
Enough snow?

You hate the snow? we do too, we love the sandy beach, and clear blue sea. In the spirit of the north eastern of the continental United States being covered in 20 feet of snow, with no end in sight. We here at LAS bring you TLA quick update from Kho Phuket Island, in the southern coast of Thailand. One of the most popular destination in the world, home to some of nicest beaches of the South East Asia. Just turn up your heater to about 90 degrees, close your eyes, and imagine this:

Phuket Lacrosse

If you want to find out how to  join the LAS boys this June in Thailand, be sure to check out GTG Invitational 2011 The first ever event to promote the effort to Grow the Game oversea by LAS, starting with Thailand.

In the mean time, here are some sneak peak at what’s brewing in the workshop for Team Thailand:

STX the official equipment sponsor of Thailand Lacrosse for 2011, had release some of the most mind-blowing Assault Gears for Thailand. The TLA has plans to work closer with this Baltimore based company, with further co-branding marketing effort. You may have seen the STX “Never Stop” College line for their Blue chip Division one teams, like this Cornell’s version:

Cornell Tee
Big Red: Awesome

Now, check out the Thailand version:

Thailand Lax: Never Stop

Pro Athletics also another new partner of Thailand lacrosse  is working hard on the Team’s 2011 outfits. We’ve showed you the jerseys mock up this California based company made for Thailand previously, both for the Men’s and Women’s team.  Here are the team’s practice reversible, though it is not finalized the source told us that it’s pretty close:

Thai lax pennies
Gotta love the slogan

Finally, Pro Athletics designed the new decals for Team Thailand’s Alternate helmet, they continue on with the Carbon fiber theme from their Alternate jersey. To try to get a better idea what’s the finished product of Thailand’s Alternate will look like, take a look at Team Pro Athletics Halo inspired gear.

Thai Decals
Mohawks and the Back Panel
Carbon Numbers
Carbon numbers for the side of the helmet, and the back


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