“Lacrosse Makes Friends”

Payu with Four visiting Japanese players and TLA’s current Japanese player at the practice

Japan Lacrosse Association¬†(JLA) the leader of Asia lacrosse, have done a great deal for the growth of lacrosse in Asia, every Asian lacrosse program benefited from the support/assistance by JLA. And that includes Thailand, which have develop a special relationship with Japan over the last two and a half years. Kentaro Shimizu¬†have been coming to Thailand since the first game in Bangkok in 2010, and every years since. Ken work closely with Payu to develop an referee development program in Thailand, which most likely will officially debut at TLA’s first game of 2013.

Besides the mutual respect between TLA President: Payu Nerngchamnong, and the JLA Executive board members (Who Payu looked up to as his “mentors” to his GTG efforts). Japanese players who currently lived in Thailand, have found them self a new lacrosse family in Thailand with TLA. Many of the former Japanese national team players, are now playing for Thailand. On top of using their vast experiences to help improve the Thai players, to become even better/smarter players.

Even those Japanese players who does not live in Thailand, still managed to swing by (during their holiday) Thailand’s practices and join in on the fun. To see Thai and Japanese able to communicate through the “language of lacrosse” despite the language barrier, and play together as if they’ve been playing together for ages. Reflects the motto that JLA promote over the years which is “Lacrosse Makes Friends”. No Matter how different they are, or what language they speaks… Lacrosse seem to bring people together. Expect to see more of joint lacrosse activities between the two programs in the near future.

Photo Credit: Ken Ikegawa (second from the right)


  1. After living in DC for a year and watching the Caps playoff run it seems to me that if you’re not in a football uniform in the DC-Baltimore Metro area you better be on a winning team for people to care.

  2. 2 other notables:

    1)What was up with the Nationals rocking their black uniforms [with red trim] in the Finals but keeping the mostly white, orange and purple helmets from their white uinforms? I thought their black helmets looked sick. maybe it was just too hot to wear black if you could help it? heard playing on the turf was REALLY hot on an already hot and humid day. maybe that explains it?

    2) I thought it was really amazing that a) the games were pretty low scoring but still exciting and b) EVERY GAME was decided by 1 goal. that is parity homes!