LAS expand its efforts to Thailand


Lacrosse All Stars have been working closely with Thailand Lacrosse Association, in an effort to help “grow the game” to the far east. Connor Wilson, and Jeff Brunelle  of had been the driven force behind the integration of the two organizations, and on the constant sleepless contact with Payu Nerngchamnong (the President of TLA). The first step is to include the Thailand lacrosse blog on to the LAS network, sharing the news and updates of Thailand lacrosse to the rest of the LAS community. Starting next year, Thailand Lacrosse products will be available through LAS online shop which the profits will go toward the TLA program. Then in June, the LAS team will head to Thailand for a friendly match-up with the Thailand National team in Bangkok, Thailand.  To help promote the game in Thailand, and help with the development clinic for the younger kids. The TLA and LAS collaboration will extend to Thai version of “Grow the game” tee (only available through LAS online shop), TLA sponsored race car with “Grow the game” logo on it, also watch for the LAS logo on the 2011 national team uniforms. Connor, Jeff, and Payu hopes that this will help set a bench mark for the international collaboration,  and assistant between US. lacrosse organization, and the new international programs.

These LAS guys are truly growing the game at the next level, it’s going to be a great season of lacrosse in 2011.