New York: Here We Go


T-Minus 2 days until lift off…

Mr. Hess is already on stand by on that side of the planet.

The Bags are packed, boxes are ready to go. So, the next blog we’ll be reporting live from the Big Apple. Now normally, it would be appropriate to post some clips from the movie “Coming to America” on this post… or even playing a very predictable song by Mr. Jay-Z, or Mr. Sinatra.

But we saved something special for this occasion…


(We’re not saying that Thailand Lacrosse Team MAY or MAY NOT be recreating this video, but wouldn’t it be something?)

Many first this trip yet again for our growing program:

First Game of the season after 1 year under the belt.

First U.S. opponent

First State side game ever

First “neutral site” game (Suffield, CT)

First time on the field as officially  STX, Pro Athletics, and South Swell partnered team.

Exciting time ahead, there won’t be any sleeping on the plane there… see you all soon.



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