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Dear Respected Lacrosse Journalists,

As Thailand Lacrosse begin their second season, I can not help but notice that when I look back, I see that not a single one of you really covered them.  Never mind that… why wasn’t Thailand Lacrosse made any of your top ten lacrosse stories of 2010? All I see are SCANDALS that happen to be lacrosse related, and they only shine more negative light toward lacrosse. Where I come from, that’s not how you want to introduce lacrosse (or anything) that’s new to the general public; by showing the negative side of it.  Most of the scandals are not even directly related to lacrosse, but by you covering it (alongside a hundred other mainstream news outlets) you helped put the word “lacrosse” next to “scandal” yet again. It’s NOT journalism, it’s called being a “headline whore”.  Chasing any story; good or bad, just to get more people to read your respective “news” outlet… that’s not helping to Grow the Game.

Now, let’s go back to Thailand.

Why isn’t Thailand on your top ten story list of 2010?  What kind of lacrosse or journalistic “barometer” do you all use that tells you Thailand Lacrosse IS NOT worthy news to be covered, or even worth mentioning?  I kept thinking over and over, what did Thailand lacrosse do (or didn’t do) that made you all pass them over for a useless middle of the season high school scouting report, or the coverage of some beer league. Then I remembered a video that I saw a while back on YouTube:

Then it became cleared to me…Team Thailand, don’t blame the journalists.Just repeat the following after me:

Maybe it was our fault.

Maybe they never started a team in a country where lacrosse had never been played before.

Maybe they think it’s easy to land blue chip sponsors in a country that never heard of lacrosse.

Maybe putting a team together in 5 months to beat a 13 year old program is not quick enough.

Maybe defeating Hong Kong twice in one year is not enough for a first year program.

Maybe securing our own home stadium, and a practice field, is just not impressive enough.

Maybe there is more than one national team that practices all year round like we do.

Maybe we don’t have enough players that play college lacrosse, or can shoot behind the back.

Maybe what we do does’t fit into other people’s “development country” category.

Maybe we were confirmed too quickly by the FIL, instead of taking three years to do so.

Maybe we just need to work twice as hard as we did this past year.

Maybe they expected more.


No more “Maybe” or “What if” at the end of this year, play your own game nothing else matter…  After all my dear Journalist, these guys did not play for your approval. They played the game for themselves, and their country. It’s your duty as a journalist, and to the sport of lacrosse to cover them regardless of your reservation about this team. So in conclusion, I want to leave you all with this video below for Team Thailand to carry with them into their 2011 season.

Respectfully yours,



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