Pattaya Quick Report: GTG Recap


Welcome to another edition of TLA Quick report, hosted by Pattaya City. Only an hour and a half drive from the city of Bangkok, Pattaya is the closest beach town to Bangkok. Incase you were wondering, that’s the same city that the LAS boys visit after the most recent GTG Invitational.

Thailand Lacrosse would like to thank everyone who’s involved for making it happen, as well as those who came out to support the event. Despite all the set back, and hick-ups of it being the first even like this everyone helped to pull the event through with flying colors. We had a great group of guys both from abroad, as well as within Thailand who put on a great and clean game of lacrosse. Let’s not forget the three officials (yes, three) who came all the way from Japan FOR JUST ONE NIGHT to officiate the game for us. Lacrosse NEED more people and event like this for the sport to grow to the next level (the Olympic), instead of selected corner of the globe. LAS and TLA already started discussion about the 2nd annual GTG Invitational in 2012.

Successful Event!

Back to Pattaya…

*Picture from theĀ Ocean Marina in Pattaya (belong to the founding member of TLA)

Pattaya is known for the beach, as well as the night life as you may have seen from some of the trip’s photo album (on Facebook by LAS and Thailand Lacrosse). It was too bad that they were here for just one week, since there are much to see in Thailand. They made the most of it, seeing a lot of Bangkok and some other parts of Thailand. It was a great experience for the guys, and we hope to see them back here again next year…

Stay tune for more thoughts from Payu in the next post…


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