Payu’s Moment of Zen: Full Speed Ahead


With the second win of the year in the bag, we’ve proven that we can win at home and on the road. There has been criticism in the past about my decision to call on the service of our Development officers Chazz Woodson and Sean Lindsay for the game. It’s easy to criticized when you’re on the outside looking in, and not knowing the inner working of our development effort. Our players significantly improved through playing with them, and learning from the vast experience they have to offer.┬áThe fact that we won both of our games without these men, should be a testament to Chazz and Sean as well as Steve Hess (TLA coach) setting the foundation of growth in Thailand. These men are “game growers” in their own rights in the U.S. and have been doing a tremendous job there (which was why I choose them to begin with). But for them to conquered the language barrier, as well as introducing completely new concept of sports to a new country. Is another level of game growing, and the efforts already yielding results.

The next test for our program as a whole is the “Battles in Bangkok” with all the teams heading for Bangkok to have another shot at beating us on our home ground. We’ve made a lot of unforced error, the mistakes that needed to be sort out and corrected. So we’re back to work, as the count down clock is now reset for our next test late October. We’re now at full speed ahead, and never stop improving.