Payu’s Moment of Zen: The Next Steps


This past weekend marked another milestone in Thailand lacrosse history, as we successfully host the first ever tournament in Thailand. Hosting three men’s teams, and two women’s team (first ever women’s game) in one weekend. All would not be possible without the help from our sponsors, and Japan Lacrosse for sending FIL officials to help out with the event. The true ally to TLA, who have been given us their supports ever since our first year. I also want to mention Hong Kong Lacrosse and Singapore Lacrosse who stay true to the commitment to grow the sport in Asia, and made their journey to participate in the event. As much as we would like to play more games, but geographical as well as financial implication of it really limit our opportunities (unlike in Europe). So we all did our part of what we can, with what we are able to for our region.

Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong Lacrosse Leadership

That is why Thailand Lacrosse had invested a little more in making it affordable for team to attend, by support of the hotel rooms for the weekend, and waived the entry fee to the event. The weekend wrapped up the year long competition between the three teams, which help strengthen the level of competition of lacrosse in Asia during the “off years” between the World Games. Setting up the new tradition of “Friendly Cup” and “Rival Cup” trophies between our three teams, to encourage more competitions. With the Singha Trophy as the end of the year prize for the team with the most wins, and it is great to see Thailand be the recipient of it this year. It’s been a long road since our first game back in 2010, three years, and eight games later. Now with a women’s team of Thailand / Singapore, playing their first game against Hong Kong marked another natural progression that I had hope for for our region.

So what’s next?

Keep growing, this is not the time to stop now. The competition will increase for us, and for other programs as well. Hong Kong will be adding the Friendly Game with Singapore to their schedule next year, and the two teams will be participating in ASPAC 2013 in Beijing along side Thailand. Eventhough TLA official season might be over, but there are much work to be done ahead of 2013 season. It should be another great year for Thailand lacrosse, and Asia lacrosse as a whole… Bring on the next season.


  1. Congratulations on putting together such a successful event! 

    Like I said earlier, this is the KEY to continued growth and improvement:

    I love seeing the ownership and pride in all of the teams. People CARE and that is the most important thing. Keep up the FANTASTIC work!!!!

    • Thanks CW, every team showed their commitment to grow the sport here in Asia by just showing up. So to have great competition on top of it is something that’s great to see, especially when you hear people say that they: “forget that we were watching lacrosse in Asia” Great weekend over all, looking forward to next year.