Payu’s Moment of Zen

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Let’s open the gate of hell… and see what comes out of that gate.

I never thought it would be an “easier” second year in the FIL school yard, actually I expected it to be more difficult with a higher expectation after 2010.

Then something happened along the way into our second year… it got me really annoyed. As well as the fact that it’s counter productive to our effort to grow the game, so here’s a message to a certain lacrosse manufacturer:

” If we weren’t good enough for you the first time around, then we are not good enough for you the second time around… no matter how well we are doing. And please don’t argue with me, if you didn’t agree… you wouldn’t have decide to go help out the competing “bootlegged” lacrosse program in my country. Advice: Next time learn to hire a marketing rep’ that has some vision and open mind, not like the ‘geniuses’ in your company that slammed the door on our face last year. And don’t try to jump the band wagon half-ass now, you looked like a bunch of idiots”

Vacation is over. It’s GO time.

Side notes:

Thailand Cell2 line by STX should be a “game changer”.

TLA Magazine Ad for this side of the planet:

Thailand to drop one of it’s partner for 2012 (and pick up two new ones)

Enigma Global launched Enigma Apparel as separate division.. Follow them on Twitter: @Enigmathailand

Hong Kong Friendly Game is a go for October, time to defend “the cup”.

(Oh and to Tribal head Lacrosse: I am NOT done with you yet.)

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3 Responses to Payu’s Moment of Zen

  1. Pinkberry37 September 13, 2011 at 2:30 pm #

    who is the “bootlegged” lax program? Lax does not belong to one person or another. How can you claim to “own” it?  What happened to “grow the game”?

    • Payu Nerngchamnong October 4, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      It’s not growing the game when instead of help people joining the existing program you help create the conflict /separation in the people of the program and help start another one out of spite RYAN. Stop coming by on here, and post these attack comments on our blog. Everyone know your comment is no subjective, you lost out in being part of it because of you lack of character and work ethics… just pack up and GO.

  2. Kevin Rowen January 25, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    From Jac Coyne: “Game between USC and UCSB scheduled for tomorrow (1/26) has been postponed until later in the season.”

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