Payu’s Notes: “Make or Break: DU vs Duke”

Bill Tierney: The Legend

“Lacrosse national championships don’t just fall out of thin air.” 

Is the opening line of a great documentary on Denver lacrosse “Make or Break: DU vs Duke” by Elevation Video which pretty much sums it up the challenges that legendary coach Bill Tierney is facing. After winning 6 national championships during his 22 years with Princeton, he shocked the lacrosse world by moving westward to Denver. Denver was relatively unknown program before coach Tierney arrives, in just a few short years he put Denver on the map. As they progress up the ranks, and in the hunt for Denver’s first National championship (Tierney’s seventh). The documentary take a look inside the Denver team, and coach Tierney’s thinking process. A lot of great interview with coach Tierney, other coaching staffs, the player, and even coach Danowski of Duke as well.

This a trailer of the two parts documentary, the picture quality is right up there with the NFL Documentary crew. I think even those who doesn’t play lacrosse, would still enjoy watching Denver, and Duke going at it in this video. Although at time it feel a little rushed, it is a good first attempt, editing, and story telling. But it’s definitely put my Enigma Film boys to shame, I hope to see more of their work on other teams as well.

I always have tremendous respect for coach Tierney, and enjoy watching him command his Princeton Tigers to multiple National championships, and lacrosse dynasty. And yet despite all his past accomplishments, he is still very grounded. I remember e-mailing him for the first time, asking him about bringing our team to Denver leading up to the World Game 2014. So that the team can practice, and get use to playing in the high altitude of the Rockies. But most of all I wanted my team to meet “the man” himself, and perhaps some of his magic can rub off on our guys like it did with his Denver, and Princeton men. Not expecting much (thinking the man of his statue must be busy, and we’re relatively unknown program) I was surprised when coach Tierney e-mailed me back within four hours of me sending one to him, when it took weeks for the rest of U.S. lacrosse community to get back to us (some never). Perhaps I was (still am) starstruck, but I think it’s the sincerity in his writing, and how welcoming and open he is to the idea of our program coming to Denver. I look forward to meet him in person when I go visit Denver early next year. Often time, you left being disappointed when you finally meet your hero… Not in this case: Bill Tierney doesn’t do disappoint.

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