Payu’s Quick Update



Welcome to another edition of a quick update by yours truly.. it had been quite a busy start to 2013, although we haven’t been update you all much on what’s been going on with Thailand Lacrosse. It is set to be a another action-packed year of lacrosse development, so here’s what’s been going on in a nutshell:

– I will be attending Singapore vs. Hong Kong Friendly Game next weekend in Singapore (the first ever game in Singapore).. and I’ll be doing my first ever pre-game coin toss.

– 8 new Thai players got selected to join the team of veteran players to try-out for Denver 2014 at ASPAC 2013.. very strong selections of different specialties, and I’m very excited about.

– We’re working closely with Cascade for something special for the National team debuting at ASPAC 2013, continue another strong year of the partnership.

– The new TLA practice facility in Ban Bueng, Chonburi is near complete, it will be operational for training camp in late July.

– Our TLA ladies will join force with Singaporean ladies for the second time, and formed Team Lioness for ASPAC 2013 Women division.

– I’ll be making a second trip to Malaysia, for the lacrosse development effort… and pushing Malaysia Lacrosse to another development milestone.

– Our movie is coming along nicely, the first draft is done.. We’re just waiting on a very special narrator’s schedule to clear up to do the finishing touch, and help finalized our documentary.