Quick note: Thailand Lacrosse gets a new facility


It’s a common knowledge that the Thailand Lacrosse is the only international team out of the entire 45 member countries in the FIL to have their own stadium. The SCG stadium hosted all of the Thailand home game, as well as last year’s GTG Invitational. The 25,000 seating stadium, is more than suitable to host any international team for a game or a tournament. However, we’ve just found out that Thailand lacrosse will now have another facility to add to their program.

Yesterday, Payu the President of Thailand lacrosse (@Misterstormy) tweeted this:

The said stadium is located in Ban Bueng, Chonburi, a short 45 minutes drive outside of Bangkok (also Payu’s home town). It will be the new home of Ban Bueng Football Club, the professional soccer team recently acquired by Payu. The field will be artificial turf with all the facility to support not only the pro soccer team, but the Thailand lacrosse program as well. It will  be use for the FC and TLA pre-season training camp, as well as lacrosse clinic to help grow the sport of lacrosse in this small town in Chonburi. For more info about the facility or the team, be sure to visit their Facebook page.

Ban Bueng Stingrays
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