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May 24, 2014

Subject: President’s Statement on Thailand Lacrosse status for WC2014 post Coup d’etat

Dear FIL Board of Directors, Member Nations, and Delegates,

I am writing on behalf of Thailand Lacrosse Association, as it sitting President and representative of the program. Due the current political turmoil, and recent turns of event with the Military Coup d’etat in Thailand. After months of conflicts in Bangkok, and across the Kingdom of Thailand. Which raise the question of whether will it effect our intent to participate at the World Game. So it is my duty to inform the relating parties, and the general lacrosse public of our current participation status.

With regards to our current situation, and the participation status for the FIL World Lacrosse Championship 2014 in Denver this July. Even though the Military controlled state that Thailand is currently in, have effected many of the logistical aspect for TLA toward the preparation for Denver. At this time, Thailand Lacrosse is proudly to stand by our commitment of participation at the tournament.

The leadership had discussed in length, and decided that it is the best for our program to NOT canceling our trip to Denver. To play along side world class competitors, and represent Thailand at the World Championship for the first time ever. Despite the political views, or the differences that each individual may or may not share. We believe that sport (in this case lacrosse), would be the necessary tool(s) we need to endure, and overcome our current predicament we are facing here.

We do not know what the future holds for our country, and it citizen. But one thing we know with the up most certainty, is that our commitment for the growth for the sport will not be falter.. starting with competing in Denver.

Lastly, we would like to thank all those well wishes, and voice of concerns for the situation in Thailand from our friends, fans, in various outlets. We will keep everyone updated, as the situation here progresses. And we are looking forward to showcase our skills, at the World’s biggest stage in one month time.

Respectfully yours,

Prantarit (Payu) Nerngchamnong

President / Founder
Thailand Lacrosse Association


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