Reflecting on the weekend..


How can you not be romantic about lacrosse?

We just got back from Singapore for our 4th away game trip in the last five years. We took the field in Singapore as a team, for the first time since we planted the seed there in 2011. The people, and players of the Singapore team have out grew the first development supports from us.. Their passions, and dedication to the game have brought their program to the point of surpassing many of the “established” program in the region. On and Off the field, regardless of the level of talents they have at each stage of their program. It’s about participating, being a part of this journey.

Now they are helping Malaysia to grow as well, working side by side with us. We are a competitor on the field, and a true regional partner off the field. No one asked them to, just like no one asked them to develop lacrosse so extensive the way that they did. They could have done the bare minimum like a lot other people out there would do. Yet, they did not.. as I have seen here from this weekend, what a host, and what a program.

Often time, we tend to forget what matter the most. No, it’s not the World Championship. No, it’s not about the haves vs. the have nots. It’s about the people.

Not just the players, but the people around it.. Those who truly passionate, and love the game. Those who came together to help out not just their team, but the visiting team on the little things. Bringing the cold towels, and oranges to the visiting players on a day that if you break an egg on the turf field it will probably be fully cooked. It was not about the allegiance, or Us vs. Them, it was about playing the game. Paying it forward (or back however you want to see it) so how can you not be romantic about that?

After five years as the developmental lacrosse program with 19 Games, 12 Wins, 7 loss. And many more games on the horizon for us this year, all across the FIL everyone seems to be interested in just that: Playing, and Winning.

Teams are simply focusing on doing the best results they can get at Denver, so it was nice that for once that 80 minutes on that turf last saturday.. none of it matters. All these years I am fortunate enough to be in the position to disregard what lacrosse thinks, likes or don’t like. And just simply approach lacrosse in our own unorthodox fashion, against what the establishment may thinks. Yet, I seem to allowed my self get caught up in all of it, perhaps for the wrong reasons. Trying to make sense of something that, doesn’t really need explaination.. this past weekend changes all that.

All of it.

So from this point onward, let’s get back to the basic. Caring about something that matter, and if somewhere on the way to Denver and back to Bangkok we happen to win a few games? terrific. But it will not dictate how we conduct ourselves, and conduct our business.

Don’t get me wrong. Yes we will train hard. Yes we will be prepared. But we will NOT changed who we are, as I have seen what a few teams have become for Denver. When you loose your identity, especially at the World’s biggest stage where it IS all about your national identity… then all is lost.

So then what is the joy of lacrosse? I wondered.

Just think about it. Singapore seem to figured it out.

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