Thailand 2011 Schedules


New Year, New Season, New Opponents…

The Thailand 2011 Season’s Schedule is here, in it’s second year Thailand will more than doubled the games they played in the debut season. With 3 games scheduled, and two fly-away tournaments. Thailand will be playing over 10 games in 2011, a full year worth of lacrosse during what other nation would considered as “off-years” from the World game… Let’s take a look:

Connecticut Valley LC – 21 May 2011 @ Suffield Academy (Connecticut, USA)

LAS/Woozle LC – 11 June 2011 @ TLA’s Yamaha Stadium (Bangkok, Thailand)

ASPAC 2011 Championship – 3 July – 8 July 2011 @ CRS Complex (Auckland, New Zealand)

Hong Kong National Team – 20 August 2011 @ TLA’s Yamaha Stadium (Bangkok, Thailand)

Hawaii Invitational Tournament – October 2011 @ Hawaii, USA

Quite a schedule, yet a few more games are in discussion. So before the first game in May, there could be more games added to the schedule. More details of these events to follow, watch this space for more updates.

In the mean time, check out what they’ll be wearing for 2011: HERE


  1. One thing for sure, they’ll need a big duffels for New Zealand. 4 game outfits, AT LEAST 2 helmets, and 2 pairs of gloves…


  2. seems like a in efficient use of money and time, they should spend more time develop players as supposed to hiring MLL players to dress in Thai uniform and play like the HK game…

    • It’s you again… hater is going to hate. The 2 volunteer MLL guys on the team is definitely a far cried from 10-15 Americans on average on some of the European team at the World game.

  3. Can anyone tell me where all the money is coming from for this? Seems rather expensive… do you have to pay heavy dues as a player of the TLA? With all this gear from the high end companies like ProAthletics and STX, who is footing the bill? Or is it that most players on the team have high paying full time jobs and just can afford it?

    • A little of everything William, great organization = great sponsorships/partnerships. So stay in school and work hard, this is not your average beer league team but a serious National program.

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