Thailand 2012 Mid Season Report

Never Stop
Thailand Lacrosse: Never Stop

Here we are at the mid way point of the 2012 season, even thought the current record for the season is 1-0, from a win over Singapore. And the GTG Invitational 2012 got moved toward the end of the year. The second half of the season is jam packed with International competitions from the regional programs, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

There is also an unconfirmed report that the likes of Korea, Japan, and the Philippines may join in on the fun, and in an attempt to rack up International contests leading up to the World Game 2014 in Denver. Thailand will be using this opportunity as “try-outs” for the new Thai talents who’s hoping to make the 23 man Denver roster.

Singapore will be looking for a rematch..

Thailand has been busy with the growth of women’s lacrosse in Bangkok, and preparing the team for the first ever game against Hong Kong this August. Sean Lindsay has been extremely helpful in recruiting the development and coaching staff for the women’s program. Word on the street is that Lindsay will no longer be the only NCAA National Champion to be named as TLA Development Officer.

The new addition to the program hails from a women’s lacrosse power house program in Chicago, the official announcement of the appointment by Payu will follow. These ladies have a lot of ground to cover leading up to the FIL World Cup 2013 in Canada, but with the new leadership and its first officer… the women’s program is in good hand(s).

Thai Lady Laxers gets going too..

Check out the women’s new uniforms, and practice gear here on the TLA blog. The Thai lady laxers are also quite a sharp dresser on the field, just like their men’s counterpart. Speaking of their uniform sponsor: Enigma Apparel were asked by Thailand Lacrosse to make 200 Bhutan Lacrosse Fundraising T-shirts (below) to help with the growth of lacrosse program in Bhutan. Keep a look out for more news about Bhutan, the newest lacrosse program in the Asian region.

Bhutan Lacrosse

Headwrapz debuted the 3rd version of Thailand Headwrapz (a.k.a. TLA Volt Wrapz) in March, and recently they created the newest version of the Thailand Wrapz. The forth generation (a.k.a. TLA White Wrapz) was inspired by the team all white uniform, and the new STX Cell 2 gloves. The team will debut their next helmet design at a game as early as September, and we will bring you the first official photo(s) when we get them.

Thailand White Wrapz: Love it? Hate it?
Thailand White Gloves: Love it? Hate it?

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