Thailand, and Singapore joins APLU


re_72T2014Last week at the ASPAC2013 in Beijing;┬áThailand Lacrosse (TLA), and Singapore Lacrosse (SLA) was voted as member of the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union (APLU) the governing body of lacrosse in Asia. The members previously made up of Japan, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, New Zealand, India, and China. With the new addition of these two new nations, it marked another milestone for Asia lacrosse. Thailand Lacrosse was founded in 2010, and Singapore the following year.. the two programs helped jumped start interest for lacrosse in the South East Asia region. With Malaysia lacrosse is at it’s infancy, and Vietnam lacrosse coming online soon. TLA, and SLA works in the lacrosse development for their region proved to be vital for the growth of lacrosse in Asia as a whole.