Thailand bid for the ASPAC2015


TLA Press Release: Thailand Lacrosse Association (TLA) formally submitted the bid to host the Asia Pacific Lacrosse Championship (ASPAC2015) next year in Bangkok. The Thailand National team finished 3rd behind Japan, and Australia at the ASPAC2013 in Beijing. Where Thailand, and Singapore became the newest members of the ever expanding APLU (Asia Pacific Lacrosse Union). It will be the highest participants for an ASPAC tournament to date, as TLA prepared to host as many as 12 men’s teams, and 8 women’s team. As it is likely that the APLU will be welcoming two new member countries prior to the event: Malaysia, and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan).

The TLA President, Prantarit Nerngchamnong believes that “the tournament will have a significant impact toward the growth of lacrosse, and the level of competition in the Asia Pacific region”. He went on further to say: “However, it is also vital that the host nation to make sure that the event will be host properly, plans in the interest of all the member nations and not for the financial gains. Which is why we (TLA) submit our bid under the platform to make the tournament more affordable, and accessible for all participants. And not at the expense of lowing the standards of the tournament, just to save cost”. TLA benefited from the continuation of the local blue chip sponsors, one is IMPACT Muangthong Thani convention center company that have been providing their facilities as the home base for Thailand Lacrosse since 2010. It is also the site of where the ASPAC2015 would be held, if the APLU awarded Thailand with the bid to host.


This event will be the largest gathering of teams in Thailand since the 2012 Singha Battles in Bangkok where Thailand hosted four other teams, from the two neighboring countries. “We took a lot of notes from the ASPAC2013, and got a lot of input from both the President of the APLU, and the ELF. We hope to learn more from the US Lacrosse during our time at the World Game 2014, observing how the premier organization operates the large tournament such as the World Championship.” Prantarit added. When asked about potential challenges hosting the event may brings, he replied: “Picking the right time to host the event, that would work for all participants. While be respectful of the FIL’s existing championships schedule that year: the Women’s U19 World Championship, and the Men’s World Indoor Championship (which we’ll be competing in).” The APLU will announce the winner of the bid in May, it is unknown how many countries are bidding to host the event.

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