Thailand broke the Volt curse, and clinched the Rival Cup (UPDATED)


Thailand National team defeated Singapore National team at the South Swell Rival Cup, with the final decisive score of 9 -2, under the lights of their (newly re-named) SCG stadium. Last year, Thailand lose to Singapore in a 10-9 clincher, it was their first ever lost at home. However this time with weeks of preparation leading up to the game, they were ready for Singapore. In the first quarter Thailand drew the first blood, as the Thai offense littered Singapore goalie with shots from every directions. Thailand strong defense held Singapore scoreless for the first  three quarters, only to loose two goals during man down in the forth. But it was too little too late for Singapore to bounce back, as the Thai defense kept the Merlion offense at bay. The season opener was presided over by ACM Srichown Chanruang Deputy Commander-in-Chief Royal Thai Air force. Accompanied by Mr. William Tan, Singapore Embassy’s Deputy Chief of Mission in Thailand, representing the honorary guest on the Singapore side. More photos coverage to follow (Photo credit: Thananuwat Srirasant)